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Adapted to the academic curriculum with teaching aid included, we have created several work proposals that help students to discover a design scene related to technology and specific vocabulary.

We’ll work around the idea of creativity focused on the design of the city: either a public bench or an old warehouse. Barcelona ready for secondary education students, just at their fingertips!


If your clients would like to be part of a unique and qualified program during their stay in Barcelona simply call us and we will plan what is best for the agency, so that you can offer exclusive and interesting tours adapted to the company needs guided by highly professional architects.

Our tours include: individually planned tours for up to 100 people, contacts with local professionals and institutions, organization of transport (if needed), booking of entrance tickets (if needed), further recommendations to help you find the better experience for your client.


If you are a group of architects or students, we can arrange a course designed and led by architects, which includes lessons and visits to architectural and urban works within Barcelona with the aim to encourage the students to engage in cultural and architectural research. Workshops are available with flexible dates. We can plan them either along academic year or vocational time.

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Understanding the culture of a city, people, or group —the architecture, practices, values, and social behaviours— lies at the heart of Arquitectura Reversible.

By attending cultural events you can experience first-hand architecture around you, as a broader global perspective of our world’s diverse environments.

Enjoy our high quality for all audiences events!


Discover architecture through a range of content including books or online apps. Learning about architecture has never been this easy!