Barcelona from a Catamaran

Barcelona from a Catamaran

What a way to see Barcelona from a different perspective…the sea! Admiring Barcelona’s architecture from afar gave us new insights into the city’s port and its striking skyline. Sailing by reconstructed urban spaces such as the Villa Olímpica, the park surrounding the Catalana Gas building and Port Vell was a culturally inspiring experience for arquitectura reversible and our guests. It’s the best way to see how Barcelona has transformed from a maritime fishing port to a modern city harbour.

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  • rapha

    26 Jun, 2014 at 11:50 Reply

    Très bon souvenir et expérience inoubliable sur ce catamaran à Barcelone.
    Pas souvent l’occasion de voir cette ville magnifique depuis la mer, sauf en avion..
    Super équipe à bord!

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